“To sleep, perchance to dream-ay, there’s the rub.”

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

The brain is a wonderful, almost magical, and hands down most complex organ in our body.  I know, some of you guys would beg to differ, but let’s get real.  The brain function resulting in dreams is most intriguing to me. Being a light sleeper I remember most of my dreams and that means waking every morning with a new set of memories to ponder. With the advent of several milestones in my life it is more than curious that the preponderance of recent dreams deal with high school friends and acquaintances, sometimes in the context of days gone by and other times woven into the context of my current life.  I won’t pretend that they are interesting enough (to you) to bore you with the re-telling of any of them.  The most interesting aspect is the why and what (if anything) do they mean?  Are they reflections of waking thoughts, revealed in a more honest light?  Are they the longings of unfulfilled desires or aspirations?  Are they the revisitation of sometimes painful reality? Whatever the theme, dreams arouse a curiosity in me that has no resolution. For too many of us to ask “WHY” is too often a means for focusing blame.  That is certainly not my objective.  Most often the best resolution to pondering dreams is to simply say, WTF!

  1. I have a theory about dreams: I think they are just the brain “defragmenting” as in when the computer is defragmenting. That explains a lot! Especially the weird juxtaposition of memories and people and events. MM

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