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Is it my imagination?

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Is it me, or is it him? It’s him, right?” That was the phrase made popular by Martin Short’s character Nathan Thurm on Saturday Night Live. Second guessing has always been an anoyance to me. I think it is largely a defense against being that way too much myself. As Nathan would say, “I know that! Why wouldn’t I know that? I’m well aware of that!” I’m convinced, at least for now, that it is you, not me.

Too much

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I’ve started meditating again. So far it’s more like sitting quietly. No mantra, no budda position, just sitting quietly. Remembering some of the old stuff I used to do. Acknowledging you have to do something to keep your mind from wandering off to changing the furnace filter or checking the air in your tires. Breath…again…again

Natural Selection

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Read this morning about how various Christian Right groups had succeeded in getting their belief system incorporated into public school science curriculums. The article discusses how teaching these Bible based “truths” can have an impact on the future of children’s education, effectively eliminating them from participating in a science based carrier path. It struck me that their anti-evolution doctrine will in fact result in the very thing they preach against, natural selection. As these teachings will subjugate believers to the backwaters of society and result in their eventual near extinction. (I would hope) The unfortunate side effect is these believers will take with them some kids who might have otherwise been vital functioning members of society. There in lies the reason for a combative stance against funduhmentalists.

Cheap Sunglasses

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How much crap can we aquire in a given period of time. I heard someone call all this “stuff” land fill, which is pretty appropriate since that is where 95% of all the shit we buy ends up. We have become the disposable society. We are now in the process of disposing of our environment. I don’t think we can somehow make a new one out of plastic.


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Why do we do what we do? I mean this in the most basic of ways. ….waiting for an answer.

one of those days

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PV12 001Ah……January…my favorite month…closely followed by February and early March. This is the time of year I wish I could just fly off to Costa Rica or somewhere and stay for 3 months. I spoke to an old college friend the other day and that made things even better. 1964 – the Beatles, Bob Dylan…just short of 50 years. Eating too much sugar probably isn’t helping. Same old political bull shit. Money worries…WTF…sunny days on the beach were basically a nightmare…I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling like shit. oh well…Person of Interest is on tonight!