Why Pizza

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was listening to a piece on the radio today that was referencing a Thornton Wilder novel illustrating how a catastrophic event is a hinge or bridge between the past and the future.  Some how from that I began to think about my writing and how most times I don’t think I have anything unique to say. Then it struck me.  I was thinking about a particular topic or subject and not my take on it. In the same way one would have thought that after the rise of Pizza Hut as a national chain in the 70’s there would be no more room in that restaurant segment. However since that time not only have Poppa John’s, Poppa Murphy’s, Dominoes, Little Czars and a host of regional chains thrived but local shops continue to open and succeed. Why? In every case they bring something unique to the market   For some it is as simple as location/convenience.  For others it is the unique style their product or store.  Point being, the marketplace seems to never reach a limit.  So I’ll continue to write, reassured by the fact the “market” isn’t as finite as I once imagined.

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