Posted: November 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have grown really tired of Facebook…primarily because once they latch on to you there is a constant barrage of “information” aimed at what it thinks I want to see.  By choice most of my friends tend to agree with most of what I post and I, them.  In this respect it is not much better than a personalized version of Fox News. I will NEVER get a twitter account, however at least on Twitter it is easier to  choose to follow people you know you don’t have much in common with.  Carried to an extreme the information we get from out social media accounts becomes a form of personal radicalization.

The term “snowflake” is often used negatively to suggest that (mostly progressives) someone is a fool for thinking that they are unique. Yet an extremely small part of us is unique.    However, fact is, all the sentient beings on this planet are very much the same.  It is only that very small % of our DNA that differentiates us for crows, dogs, rats or dolphins.   Those who believe in some kind of creator would have us think otherwise.  Sadly they are correct in one aspect. We appear to be unique in that we are the only specie that is so massively self destructive.

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