Just another old white guy

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

The letters section of the local paper’s Opinion Page are a never ending source of rants and lectures on everything from how to drive on ice to the evils of Sharia Law. On any given morning one can be amused and or irritated by the musings of those who believe we need to know their opinion on something. I will admit to a number of contributions myself. Over the past year I have taken to replying to a number of these fine folks personally. Thanks to White Pages.com it is fairly easy to pinpoint the mailing address of most writers. Once determined I write a well reasoned letter of commentary. Occasionally it is a letter expressing my agreement with the writer but most often it is a commentary on how I see the writer’s line of reasoning to be inaccurate. In this day of road rage and other forms of inappropriate retribution I choose to remain anonymous. Consequently I do not sign the letters but simply end the with the closing, just another old white guy. Enough said.

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